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Comprehensive Cultural Resources Services


Since 1996, Archaeological Resources Technology (ART) has performed cultural resources evaluations and management studies from small surveys to large overviews. The philosophy of its owner and principal archaeologist, Carolyn Losée, RPA, is to provide impact evaluations that integrate the requirements of her clients with the protection of California’s remaining historic assets. Carolyn has over 30 years of experience in Hawaii, California and other western states. She is certified by the Register of Professional Archaeologists, and is qualified under the federal guidelines set forth by the Secretary of the Interior. 

Carolyn and her assistants are skilled at resource management as well as developing and executing mitigation and salvage programs for both prehistoric and historic sites. They regularly evaluate the significance of these sites by conducting cultural inventories and assessments.  A Woman Business Enterprise, ART takes pride in its ability to conduct cultural resources studies using state-of-the-art techniques within very restricted budgets and time frames.


ART conducts studies prepared in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), Section 106, the State Historic Preservation Office, and numerous other regional and local acts. To avoid impacts to significant cultural resources, the team works proactively by writing inventories or baseline studies and assisting planners and designers before development occurs. Resource evaluations typically encompass research formulation, field reconnaissance, excavation and data analysis, and report production. ART is also well versed at National Register assessment and nomination programs, and interfacing with local, state and federal regulators. Consultants complement ART’s capabilities by providing specialized radiocarbon and paleoenvironmental analyses.


Butterfly Basket by Alice James Wilson, Yosemite Miwok-Paiute.


ART’s administrative office, laboratory, and artifact processing area occupy an office in Kentfield, California. Editorial, photographic, cartographic, art/design, and reproduction facilities exist in-house.

Photographic equipment includes several camera systems (Canon, Olympus, Nikon and Polaroid). A scanner is used for preparing both site record and professional publications. Hewlett-Packard (HP), Dell, and Apple computer systems, HP OfficeJet, HP scanner, fax and copier, and a MFC Multifunction Center round out our publication capabilities. Standard archaeological field equipment is kept in-house, and specialized items are borrowed on an as-needed basis.

A professional library consisting of numerous volumes and reports, along with large field equipment, are maintained at ART’s Kentfield facility. For more specific research, libraries and collections at the University of California at Berkeley (such as the Bancroft and Archaeological Research Facility), state universities, and both private and public organizations within the San Francisco Bay Area are easy to reach. ART is a member of numerous local, state and federal archaeological and historical associations that are involved with the protection of significant cultural resources.

Archaeological Resources Technology: a Woman Business Enterprise since 1996