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Owner/Principal, Archaeological Resources Technology

Carolyn has over 30 years of experience on environmental field and laboratory projects in California, Hawaii and the West as director of cultural resources research tasks, surveys, and test/data recovery projects in a variety of settings. Associated responsibilities include client contact, personnel supervision, and preparation of draft and final reports. Qualifications include knowledge of NEPA, CEQA, NHPA (Section 106 compliance), and numerous other federal, state and local laws and regulations mandating environmental assessment. She is Project Manager for multidisciplinary studies for both comprehensive environmental assessments and cultural resources that responsibilities such as compiling reports, scheduling and coordinating project assignments, recording and analyzing sites, forming mitigation recommendations, preparing proposals, and contributing to quality control, illustration, and photography.


  • Acting as Cultural Resources Principal Investigator for numerous projects related to the reconstruction of the San Francisco Bay Area water supply sponsored by the City of San Francisco Public Utilities District, including Bay Division Pipelines, Calaveras Dam Replacement, Hetch Hetchy Telecom Microwave Replacement, and San Andreas Pipeline.
  • Principal Cultural Resources Specialist for over a thousand cellular antennae and equipment projects throughout Northern, Central and Southern California. Tasks included records searches and letter reports, field reconnaissances; recording of both prehistoric deposits and historic buildings; architectural analysis; client liaison; and mitigation investigations and recommendations.
  • Participated in the City of San Francisco Municipal Metropolitan Turnaround Program, an extensive City transportation project spanning over two years of construction and mitigation using salvage archaeology techniques. Archaeological monitoring responsibilities included infield observation, analysis, and collection. Laboratory analysis included cataloging, analyzing, and photographing over 20,000 historic artifacts. Oversaw museum-quality display of numerous artifacts at a prominent San Francisco engineering company.
  • Performed an archaeological field reconnaissance, archival research, site and architectural recording for the Tuolumne Community Cultural Resources Survey. Prepared a report for an expanded historic resources reconnaissance survey and contextual history overview.
  • Acted as Senior Archaeologist for the Placer County Cultural Resources Inventory of Selected Unincorporated Regions. Participated in the analysis of existing records and literature search on known archaeological sites and survey, recordation, and evaluation of historic resources in approximately 150,000 acres. Participated in the recordation, including architectural analysis, drawing and photography, of over 500 historic and prehistoric sites.
  • For the Santa Clara County Open Space Authority, directed site recording and removal/relocation of Native American burials for the placement of a wastewater treatment system near Alum Rock Park. Project included Native American liaison, excavation/exhumation, in-field osteo-analysis, archaeological monitoring, drawing, and preparation of a comprehensive report that included (among other items) both anthropological analyses and management considerations.
  • Assisted in Phase I investigations on 870 acres proposed for residential development at Tracy Lakes near Lodi, San Joaquin County, California. Responsible for the recordation and documentation, including extensive mitigation recommendations, for four prehistoric habitation and burial complexes. Interfaced with County, professional, and Native American representatives.
  • Participated in a multi-level field reconnaissance to ascertain prehistoric and historic settlement patterns of the Midpeninsula Open Space District. The effort resulted in both an Archaeological Sensitivity Map and Preliminary Report of Findings that included a discussion of previous investigations, cultural history, description and evaluation of cultural features, resource problems, and recommendations. Sensitivity map information was utilized to design the District’s Geographic Information System.
  • Performed a detailed archival investigation of an historic property located in the vicinity of the New Almaden Quicksilver Mine. A total of 12 information repositories were either visited or contacted to compile information used in a required for initial planning stages of potential land acquisition by the Santa Clara County Open Space Authority. Analysis included a discussion of research methodology and a thorough evaluation of the property’s potential affiliation with the nationally registered mine. 
  • Conducted the analysis of existing records/literature search and EIR for a 6,400-acre parcel residential mixed use development for the Benicia Sky Valley/Lake Herman Master Plan in Solano County, California. Prepared the Cultural Resources Technical Report that included the recordation and analysis of five historic resources.
  • Participated in data recovery tasks for a prehistoric shell midden/burial site in Santa Clara County as part of Federal Programmatic Agreements for transit projects. Catalogued, analyzed and illustrated numerous lithic, bone, and shell artifacts for the Tasman Archaeological Test Excavation Project.
  • Conducted test excavations for determining the extent of a known prehistoric site in preparation for the Citation Homes residential development in San Jose. Excavation included Native American burial exhumation, in-field analysis, illustration, and laboratory preparation.
  • Prepared the Cultural Resources Element for the City of San Carlos General Plan. The Draft Element satisfied guidelines provided by the State Historic Preservation Officer and included recommendations for a public participation program.
  • Directed the analysis of existing records/literature search and report for the preservation of the San Carlos Railroad Station (listed in the National Register of Historic Places).
  • Updated the Cultural Resources Technical Report for improvements to the Colma Creek Zone Drainage Improvements Project, San Mateo County Flood Control District. Tasks included an archival and records search, field reconnaissance, and preparation of a report that covered both prehistoric and historic events in the City of South San Francisco.
  • Prepared an Archaeological Survey Report for Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART) San Francisco International Airport Extension. Directed archival and record searches, an intensive reconnaissance survey, test excavations at a recorded prehistoric site, and prepared draft and final reports in compliance with federal, state, and local requirements.
  • Participated in archaeological investigations for the proposed road widening of River Street for Caltrans and the City of Santa Cruz. Project included a field survey, literature search and report aimed at indicating the approximate location of the original Santa Cruz Mission foundation.
  • Participated in the preparation of the General Plan Update for the County of San Joaquin. Responsibilities included the review for accuracy and completeness of all recent cultural resources reports performed in the County. Studied present requirements in the San Joaquin County General Plan concerning archaeological and historic resources. Provided County officials with recommendations to strengthen existing guidelines for the General Plan.
  • Conducted test investigations at a known prehistoric site for the City of Willits, California - Centennial Dam Project. Responsibilities included Native American and client liaison, test excavation, laboratory supervision, and the preparation of a technical report and EIR.
  • Directed a 300-acre survey and EIR for the M.P. Rosen proposed residential development near Ukiah in Mendocino County, California.
  • Participated in mitigation for the underground placement of an electrical meter box on a known prehistoric site in Sunol, California. Responsibilities included test excavation and construction monitoring for the East Bay Regional Park District.
  • Principal Archaeologist for the preparation of cultural resources documentation for the Muslim Cemetery Project located on a 20-acre project site near the town of Willow Springs in Kern County. Responsibilities included intensive survey, archival research, report preparation, and client/County liaison.
  • Field participant in the excavation of a large prehistoric site in the western Sierra foothills for the Federal Highways Administration Foresthill Road Data Recovery Program. Activities included excavation of over 40 cubic meters of the habitation site, and infield collection, laboratory cataloging, analysis, and recordation of over 100 prehistoric artifacts.
  • Prepared a report on archaeological site recording, data recovery, and construction monitoring, Abalone Residential Project, Fremont. Completed formal records and analyzed the significance of one prehistoric and nine historic sites, and formulated mitigation measures designed to reduce project-related impacts to a level less than significant.
  • Participated in the Historic and Archaeological Resource Protection Plan, Naval Weapons Station at Port Hueneme Construction Battalion Center, Ventura County. Evaluated archaeological potential on over 600 acres and documented pre-World War II-era structures for National Register eligibility. Report included a detailed architectural plan of National Register-listed properties.


Carolyn Losée monitoring Muni Metro Turnaround Project, San Francisco.


Archaeological Resources Technology – Owner/Principal

University of California at Berkeley – Project Manager, Archaeological Unit Supervisor

William Self Associates – Senior Archaeologist

Ogden Energy and Environmental Co., Inc. – Cultural Resources Specialist/Project Manager

WESCO – Archaeological Field Technician


MA, Cultural Anthropology/Archaeology, San Francisco State University

BA, Environmental Studies/Culture Ecology, University of California at Santa Cruz 

Intensive Lithics Analysis & Historical Architecture Certificates, University of Nevada at Reno

Graduate Award of Achievement, Renaissance Entrepreneurship Program, San Francisco


Register of Professional Archaeologists, 1999

Society of Professional Archaeologists, 1995

Society for American Archaeology, 1990

Society for California Archaeology, 1990

Society for Historical Archaeology, 1995


Listed below are a few comments from Archaeological Resources Technology's recent clients:

"I recommend Carolyn Losee and Archaeological Resources Technology without hesitation. Her reports are concise, economical, and always within schedule."
– Victoria Holland, Project Manager, ATC Associates

"Carolyn at ART provided us with extremely time- and money-efficient consulting when we needed it in a jiffy. I would recommend her services to anyone who needs to meet his or her county's requirements regarding archaeology."
– Marilyn Wright, Realtor
ReMax Dolphin

"...Not only did Carolyn's report help us to finally get our house built, but she became a good friend whom we feel we can rely on. When we see her at our annual coastal event, we are happy to renew this special friendship...."
– Homebuilders Raymond Levine
Barbara Hammerman, Peninsula Coast

"Carolyn and her company, Archaeological Resources Technology, assisted in providing an Archaeological Sensitivity Map for a large portion of our lands. The map, and its accompanying report, has been an excellent source of information and guidance during our planning process. We are very satisfied with her work, and will not hesitate to consult with ART for future projects."
– M. Douglas Vu, MidPeninsula Regional Open Space District

I was very pleased with ART's work during a salvage archaeology project I encountered in one of our parks. ART responded immediately to our needs for burial monitoring, recording, and reinternment. Carolyn provided a great report at a fair price."
– Patrick Congdon, Resource Manager, Santa Clara County Open Space Authority


  • Assisted in evaluating potential impacts to cultural resources as part of EIS for proposed closure of the Mare Island Naval Shipyard Base. The study included assessment of architectural history of structures at each facility. 
  • Directed cultural resources studies for a number of parcels added to the City of Napa Parks District. Tasks included the preliminary survey of City parks and schools, record searches and archival research, oral interviews, Native American liaison, and preparation of draft and final reports.
  • Project Archaeologist for cultural resources surveys and test investigations for the Otay Ranch, a major residential and commercial development encompassing over 20,000 acres in San Diego County. Participated in both survey and excavation phases.
  • Performed a 57-acre cultural resources survey and EIR for the El Dorado County Union Mine Landfill Expansion/Closure. Responsibilities included client contact, personnel supervision, and preparation of draft and final reports in compliance with federal, state, and local agencies.
  • Conducted archaeological investigations for the proposed Marin City 45-acre residential and commercial development in Marin County, California. Responsibilities included a survey of the project area and the preparation of draft and final reports in compliance with NEPA and CEQA regulations.
  • For the Bureau of Indian Affairs, participated in extensive Phase I research and survey tasks on Indian Reservation land in San Diego County. Project included archival research, historic photograph and map research, and photodocumentation to determine significance of historic structures on property and potential impacts of the proposed project.
  • Prepared the Cultural Resources Element of the newly-incorporated Town of Windsor’s first General Plan and EIR. Project activities included archival research and record searches, Native American liaison, windshield survey and photo documentation, public presentation, impact analysis, and the formation of mitigation recommendations for the preparation of draft and final reports.
  • Project Manager for the Regional Oral History Office at The Bancroft Library of the University of California at Berkeley. Responsibilities included staff assignment and supervision, client liaison, project development and scheduling, oral history editing, photo and graphic preparation and layout. 
  • For the University of California at Berkeley, acted as Unit Supervisor at Tel Dor, Israel. Staff supervisor of one section of a large, multi-year and multi-layer excavation of an 8,000-year-old coastal city site in northern Israel. Responsibilities included training, assigning, and scheduling staff, horizontal and vertical unit control with mapping, and artifact preservation and analysis.

Archaeological Resources Technology: a Woman Business Enterprise since 1996